M8S Pro L

  • Attention: NewPal TV BOX is same Mecool M8S Pro L TV Box with NewPal Firmware.(NewPal and Mecool cooperate to work on M8S PRO L TV BOX. This box is same box with Mecool, But upgraded with NewPal Firmware to fix some bugs)
  • Attention: Only Support for Andriod TV apps. Don't support any browser, Amazon Prime video app and andriod mobile apps.1.Andriod TV OS(With Voice Remote): Voice Remote:TV box packed with Vocie remote and built in google voice assistant. Your voice will lead to your favorite video on this 4K tv box
  • 2.Support for 2.4G/5G WIFI and internet cable connection on this TV BOX.5G WIFI max to support 1000mbs.2.4G WIFI/Internet cable support max to 100mbs.If your internet is OVER 100mbs. Suggest to use 5G WIFI to get a faster speed
  • 3.4K TV BOX with 3G+32G storage for a faster and more video stocking. Support TF, USB connection
  • 4.Video apps have been installed into smart tv box. If you want more, download from playstore directly just like your mobile phone5.OTA update on stream media player, Any system update you will get it immdiately


07 November 2018



***NO Refunds***