Referral Program

We have decided to implement a referral program for all of you. When you refer a friend to our site, you will be rewarded. Here is how it will work:

For every month a person you refer originally signs up for, you will recieve 1 credit. I.E. - A friend signs up for 3 months, you get 3 credits.

For EVERY 3 Credits you get we will add 1 month on to your subscription!!!! Max is 1 month per referral.

To get your credit, You just need to ask the people you send to Give the name you signed up with on their sign up page.

Once we recieve the the payment, we will add the credit to your profile which you can find once you login under My Plans.




Finding Username & Password

When you first pay for the service it will take a bit of time to get your logins for the TeeVee. You must also know that your logins for the website ARE DIFFERENT from the TeeVee Program

If you need to find your logins, it is really easy:

  1. Click on My Plan
  2. Scroll down to Comments
  3. Here you will find your login credentials

Placing a Ticket

***NO Refunds***